SeatGenie® Benefits and Features

I travel a lot for work, both by car and plane.  When I first tried the SeatGenie® for the Car I knew immediately that I wanted one for me and my wife.  I am less tired and have no pain when driving.  I sit taller and breath easier.  You are so comfortable that you do not even know that it is there, until it’s not.  Then you notice and what you notice isn’t good.  You are slumped, your back hurts, you feel like you need to pull yourself up all the time.  We have SeatGenie®’s for the Car and for the Airplane.  I always have my SeatGenie® with me.

– Bob K.


1.Effortlessly corrects your alignment.
2.Allows you sit straight and erect without pain or discomfort. (You will need to adjust your rear view mirror after installing the SeatGenie™ in your car since you will be sitting taller).
3.Causes your spine to lengthen and be naturally positioned in an S-Curve so no spinous processes have any pressure on them.
4.Rolls the shoulders slightly back and down so the scapula are flat on the back.
5.Lifts your ribcage and opens the thorax so the diaphragm can drop on inhalation and a deeper breath is achieved.
6.Increases abdominal space allowing for the organs to drop (which reduces reflux and heartburn) giving space for a deeper inhalation (more oxygen with each breath). This decreases tiredness and increases alertness.
7.Prevents your stomach from protruding and pouching.
8.Increases alertness.
9.Corrects forward head posture and neck misalignment, preventing neck strain and headaches.
10.Travel to and from work, home, vacation, any destination at all, without pain.


1.Light and compact – non-intrusive to you and fellow travelers
2.Easy to adjust to any seat: home, office, automobile, plane, train, etc.
3.Fits easily in a briefcase, medium or large purse, or carry on
4.Ease of use: the same device can be used by a small child or a tall man with a simple adjustment. See How to Use the SeatGenie® for more information.

SeatGenie™ for Your Automobile

for the Car

SeatGenie™ for Planes, Trains and Buses

for the Airplane

SeatGenie™ for Your Home or Office

for the Office and Home