My name is Dr. Alice Reed and I am in Internal Medicine in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  I was Introduced to the original SeatGenie® for the Car by Stacy Steffes and Shirley Glasgow. I had a situation where I needed to to be driving to Altanta every other weekend because we had a family illness.  I was very apprehensive about this because I do have mild scoliosis and like many of us, low back pain and when I have to drive for hours my right leg becomes numb.

I have received Myofascial therapy at their business and they are excellent therapists. So, I know how brilliant Shirley is with everything Ergonomic. 

Out of the kindness of their hearts they introduced me to the SeatGenie® before it even hit the market, due to my family illness and their concern about my coming trips to Atlanta.  The SeatGenie® had just been born, so I was one of the first users of the SeatGenie®.

I drove to Atlanta soon after getting the SeatGenie® and was absolutely shocked at the incredible lack of any discomfort I had with my back.  I did not even know I had driven six hours, no leg pain, no back pain, no numbness in my right leg, truly amazing.

The SeatGenie® is a small cushion that fits in the back of your seat and attaches onto your headrest.  It supports your thoracic spine in just the right place, allowing your body to be in the correct position ergonomically.

I have now made 10 to 11 trips to Atlanta over the last three months, and can honestly say that I could not have made it without the SeatGenie®. I tell all my patients about the SeatGenie®.

I have gotten my husband a SeatGenie®, I have gotten my stepdaughter and her husband a SeatGenie®.  It is truly remarkable. I drive around a lot and I actually feel like I am having therapy on my back, because I feel better after driving than I did before driving.

But it doesn’t stop there. They have also created a SeatGenie® for the Airplane.  And you know when you ride in an airplane and sit on those horrible seats, you are then in the most awkward position for your body ergonomically.  Those seats are worse than a car or train or bus or anything.  You are hunched over and usually miserable by the end of the trip.

That’s why they created the SeatGenie® for the Airplane, it just drops right over your head and falls down to your mid back, supporting your thoracic spine. I flew to Arizona, recently three hours on one leg, and another hour to the destination.  I had my plane SeatGenie®, my husband also had his plane SeatGenie®, as did the rest of our family.

My husband and I were absolutely amazed.  No back pain, no discomfort, usually we would have to get up and down, and up and down during the flight.  We actually shared it with the people next to us and the people behind us.  There were probably at least 10 people that tried it out.  I didn’t want to give it up but I knew it was something that needed to be shared with people.  They all wanted to have a SeatGenie® for the Airplane, and of course I told them about the one for the car, too.

But again it doesn’t stop there.  They created a SeatGenie® for the Office and Home.  Along with this SeatGenie® they created a Right Height Footstool, which gives you the perfect ergonomics when you are sitting at your desk, or like many doing paperwork or homework at the dining room table. 

Until using the Right Height Footstool, neither I nor my husband gave any thought to needing a footstool or if we did, that there would actually be a height that we would need that would be specifically set for us.  Now we know the difference and both use our Right Height Footstool every day.

Unfortunately, our society is sitting a lot.  We shouldn’t be but we are.  We are hunched over our computers and we sit incorrectly when we drive. Each of the SeatGenies® has a unique purpose and addresses specific problems that are caused by sitting. 

These SeatGenies® are ergonomically engineered and manufactured for your body. Both Shirley Glasgow and Stacy Steffes have extensive experience with the Muscular Skeletal Systems of the body and of how your body correctly aligns. 

And I cannot hardly tell you in words how much difference the SeatGenie® has made in my sitting; whether in a car, plane or at the office comfortable, so of course I recommend the SeatGenie® for everyone.

I will be happy to take calls or questions from anyone.  This has just been so well thought out and so well manufactured; it is just quite frankly a remarkable addition for our sedentary lifestyle, considering how much we sit. 

The SeatGenie® will save our backs and our posture.

Alice Reed, M.D.