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Shirley D. Glasgow – Inventor

I have been in the business of Myofascial Pain Relief for over 22 years.  My background prior to that was a Programmer/Analyst.  So, I have always wanted to know the how and why of everything.

Sitting at a desk and computer all day led me to the same problems that plague most people – slumping, neck and back pain, etc.  But why was everyone in pain, slumping and complaining?  What was causing it and what could be done about it –this really got my interest.  So a career change was in order.

What I found was that even when I could get a patient in good shape and out of pain, once they when back to doing all the activities of daily life that caused the problem in the first place, the pain would slowly start to come back.

I knew from my work that seats were the big problem, but there was nothing on the market that I could recommend that would solve the problem.  It was obvious something would need to be invented, but I will tell you, I was a reluctant inventor.

Through the collaboration with my business partner and colleague Stacy Steffes we invented the SeatGenie® for the Car,  Airplane, and Office and Home.

Stacy Steffes – Inventor
Clinical Director, B.A., C-NMT, C-MLD, C-CDP

There was no question regarding what I wanted to do with my life as far as a career went – I wanted to stop the pain that I saw all around me.  Being in college you would think that they are all young, healthy and pain free, think again!

I went into my career as a Myofascial Pain Therapist straight from college.  And if I had setup a practice in the same town as my college, I would have been booked solid from day one.

I was a competitive swimmer and gym rat and had serious low back pain.  But I was not alone.  Almost all the students had neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, you name it – and it was all around.  Many were athletes, but just as many did not work out at all.

Many of these students were very aware of their bodies and how to take care of themselves, but it made no difference.  They were still in pain.  Yoga became a serious part of my life 15 years ago and I am still astonished by the pain I see around me, even from fellow yoga students (very experienced ones, I might add).

As my career and knowledge grew I realized the common denominator between everyone was sitting, and the terrible way seats sucked you in and ruined your posture. It was not enough to be aware of your body or even very knowledgeable, this was a problem that needed an outside solution.  That solution would turn out to be the SeatGenie®.

When we made the SeatGenie® available to our patients, they told us they had phenomenal results.  We are now making the SeatGenie® available to everyone.  It is our hope that your results will be just as phenomenal as it has been for our patients.

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