How to Use the SeatGenie®

SeatGenie™ for Your AutomobileThe SeatGenie® for the Car

Try it in your car, truck, SUV, van, RV, crossover, sports car – you name it, the SeatGenie® fits it!

  • Press down on the clip and open the cord wide enough to slip over your car’s headrest.
  • Slip the SeatGenie®‘s cords over the headrest so the clip and cords rest down the back of the seat and the SeatGenie® sits in the middle of the seat back.
  • Place the SeatGenie® in the middle of your back. Ah! Just right.  You will sit upright with comfort, your shoulders will open wider, your head will move back over your shoulders, and you will feel taller.
  • Now tighten the cord around the headrest by pressing the clip and sliding the clip up to the headrest.  If there is extra cord, just loop it around near the headrest.

SeatGenie™ for Planes, Trains and Buses

The SeatGenie® for the Airplane
  • Once you are seated lift the SeatGenie® over your head and down your back
  • The weighted cords should fall to the inside of each arm and you should not feel them.  You can also cross them in from of you if you wish.
  • You can adjust the placement of your SeatGenie® for reading, using electronic devices, or sleeping by gently pulling on the cords to reposition it.  Play with the different positions until you find what is correct for you.

SeatGenie™ for Your Home or Office

The SeatGenie® for Your Office or Home

The SeatGenie® for Your Office or Home is portable and easily adjustable to any chair. Need to go to a training class or meeting? Grab your SeatGenie® and take it with you.

  • Place your SeatGenie® on your chair and lay the attachment cords over the top of the seat back and let the weighted adjustment hang in the back.
  • Sit in your chair with your hips against the back of the seat and move the SeatGenie® up or down until you find the correct placement.  You will know it is correct when your head is positioned over your shoulders, your shoulders widen and drop back, and you feel comfortable and sit straight without effort.
Do the Goldilocks Test!

Put your SeatGenie® too high, then too low, then put it in the spot that is just right for you – notice the difference each time. We call this the “Goldilocks Test.” When it’s just right, you’ll know!


SeatGenie™ for Your Automobile

for the Car

SeatGenie™ for Planes, Trains and Buses

for the Airplane

SeatGenie™ for Your Home or Office

for the Office and Home