Don’t Give in to Slumping!

Modern seating, whether in your vehicle, on an airplane, train, bus, or your office chair (even those high priced ergonomic chairs), has a fundamental flaw: There is a hollow in the middle of the back of the seat.  Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s not, but it is always there.  This hollow sucks you in and causes you to collapse into the slumping, uncomfortable posture you struggle to overcome.  And once you slump, gravity takes over and you slump more.  Your family and friends will tell you sit up straight, and you will eventually find that you no longer can.

Next time you sit in a chair, take a moment to notice this constant shifting, the constant search for that comfortable seat, and then STOP. Tell yourself this doesn’t have to be part of your life anymore.  Don’t give in to slumping.  SeatGenie® is the answer!

The SeatGenie® fills the hollow in your chair and corrects your slump so you can sit straight and comfortably with NO effort.  It enhances your chair, gently supporting you in the correct position, eliminating the shifting and searching for comfortable sitting.  It eliminates slumping.

Imagine never slumping again.  Imagine stopping that vicious cycle of trying to find a comfortable seat.  Imagine eliminating the strain on your body.

Sitting straight with the SeatGenie® is one of the few things in life that is entirely effortless.  Each SeatGenie® fixes a different type of seat that we encounter in our lives.

SeatGenies® for Everyone!

Our SeatGenies® are unique and we are so excited to share them with you.  We developed specific SeatGenies® for different seating situations that our patients complained about: car, airplane, train, bus, or office chair.  Check out our product listing and see which one suits you best: