SeatGenie® for the Airplane

When discussing sitting, one of the most common complaints we hear from our patients is in regard to how horrible airplane seats are.SeatGenie™ for Planes, Trains and Buses  So, this was the second SeatGenie® we made. Why did we design this one next? Because for years, we helped people alleviate pain by teaching them how to sit correctly, and then they would go on an airplane trip and they would swear the airplane seat tried to break them.  I believed them because they would come back and it would be obvious the ride had a significantly adverse impact on their bodies.

We would teach them what to do on the plane and stretches for after they disembarked, but something had to be done about that airplane seat.

 My Airplane SeatGenie®

My back always killed me when I would have to fly, so I dreaded it.  I would have to get up and down all the time.  But not anymore, because I always have my SeatGenie® for the Airplane with me.  When I fly everyone wants to take my SeatGenie®, I let them try it but they have to give it back immediately.  I actually feel better when I get off the airplane and have more energy then when I got on the plane, truly amazing.
Bill H.


A Patient Story

One of our patients suffered with severe back and chest pain since she was 18.  At 24, she went to the doctor for the first time and was diagnosed with arthritis of the sternum.  She finally came to see us at 74 years old, and we decreased her pain to 0-1/10 from 10/10.  She had lived her whole life with this pain, gotten married, worked, raised her kids, and tried sparingly to use pain medicine for over 50 years.  After receiving our care, she was overjoyed to finally be out of pain, but also frustrated that it hadn’t been resolved earlier.

Riding in an airplane and driving in the car were two of her biggest aggregators for a large flare up of pain. She and her husband had always wanted to go to Ireland, so despite of the increased pain she knew she would have, they planned the trip.

After having therapy at our Center and having her pain eliminated, she told us she now planned on cancelling her trip to Ireland because she did not want the pain to come back because of the terrible plane seat.  We saw an opportunity to help her. We told her, “No, you have to go, you have said how much going to Ireland means to you.  We are testing a SeatGenie® for the Airplane and we will let you take it with you to use on the airplane and tour bus.”  From previous tests we knew the SeatGenie® for the Airplane would keep her from having pain.  We knew it would give her, her freedom back.

She came back from her trip with no pain, whatsoever. Thanks to the help of our lovely patient, we now have our SeatGenie® for the Airplane and Commuters through its final testing and ready to go for everyone.

So now the SeatGenie® for the Airplane is flying all over the world and whether it’s flying coach, business class or first class, all reports are that they will never fly again without the SeatGenie®.


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