SeatGenie® for the Car

The SeatGenie® for the Car was the first SeatGenie® we made. For more than 22 years we’ve been relieving painful conditions for our SeatGenie™ for Your Automobilepatients and educating them on what they can do to keep the problem from getting bad again.  By doing this work with our patients, day in and day out, we realized there was a problem with the way they were sitting, and the problem was the seat – that actually there was a problem with all seats and chairs everywhere.

While demonstrating to our patients how they needed to sit for ease and comfort, two questions came up immediately, the same two questions.  “What do I need to fix my seat, so that I can sit this way all the time?” and “Where can I buy it?”  But there was nothing out there.  Nothing they could buy, nothing they could substitute, just… nothing.  We were teaching a concept that did not have a real world solution.

Our patients wanted solutions! They were adamant that if anyone could find the solution, we could.  Though we were not inventors, we clearly knew what was needed. 

So, we decided to start out with a SeatGenie® that almost everyone could use every day, a SeatGenie® for the Car to correct the C-Curve posture people find themselves in for up to hours a day while they travel to and from work, home or school.

The SeatGenie® for the Car is the solution!
No more C-Curve problem – no more pain!
Sit correctly with no effort

“I travel a lot for work, both by car and plane.  When I first tried the SeatGenie® for the Car I knew immediately that I wanted one for me and my wife.  I am less tired and have no pain when driving.  I sit taller and breath easier.  You are so comfortable that you do not even know that it is there, until it’s not.  Then you notice and what you notice isn’t good.  You are slumped, your back hurts, you feel like you need to pull yourself up all the time.  We have SeatGenie®‘s for the Car and for the Airplane.  I always have my SeatGenie® with me.”
Bob K.

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SeatGenie™ for Your Automobile

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SeatGenie™ for Planes, Trains and Buses

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SeatGenie™ for Your Home or Office

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