SeatGenie® for the Office and Home

We had finished designing and testing the SeatGenie® for the Car and the SeatGenie® for the Airplane SeatGenie™ for the Home or Officeso we thought we were done.  But we were wrong!  It wasn’t long before one of my patients said, “But, I really need a SeatGenie® for my chair in the courtroom.”  (She is a Court Reporter.) Then, the next day our office manager, Lesa, said “I could really use one of these for my office chair.”  Later that day, when I was at the bank, the manager saw my company name and immediately informed me of how much trouble she had sitting up straight in her chair, how the chair made her collapse forward and caused her back pain.

It is not surprising that we got this request considering how much time we spend in an office chair.

A constant complaint we hear from our patients is that by the end of the work day their neck, back, shoulder, wrist – you name it – is killing them.  Then they want to know if we know of a “good” chair.  We don’t because office chairs all have the same problem of sucking you into the dreaded C-Curve posture and those ergonomically designed (and very expensive) chairs are usually the worse.

Another problem we are told about again and again by patients when they come in is: “I had a flare up of pain because I had to go to an all-day training class and sit in those terrible chairs.”

Now with the SeatGenie® for the Office and Home we have solved both problems.  The SeatGenie® for the Office and Home is portable.  It fits any chair and any person’s size in the chair.  You just lay it over the back of the chair and place it higher or lower depending on you and your chair.  When it’s time to go to a training class or to a meeting in the conference room, just pick up your SeatGenie® for the Office and Home and take it with you.

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“I have had issues with my shoulder that just did not want to get better, and after I started using the SeatGenie® for the Car and the SeatGenie® for the Office, the problem resolved itself within a week, and I no longer have the problem.  I would not be without them.  I also just used my new SeatGenie® for the Airplane and love it.  What a difference the SeatGenies® make.”
Cindy P.

The SeatGenie® for the Office and Home completely eliminates the C-curve problem from sitting in an office chair.  And from what we are being told by the many users, all the the problems that they had before the SeatGenie® have been eliminated.  They say they love it and we believe you will, too.

This SeatGenie® has traveled with many of our patients who report amazing results.  It has gone from the dining room, to the Adirondack  chair, to the outdoor dining table, to the porch swing, to the golf cart, and even into hospital and physician waiting rooms.  In most instances we get a text and a picture to tell us  the same story: “This chair, the one I used to dread because I knew I was in for uncomfortable sitting and potentially pain, is now no longer a threat!”

We have no idea where SeatGenie® will go next, but we can’t wait to see! We’d love to hear your SeatGenie® story too!


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