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“Sit up straight, sit up straight, sit up straight!”  This is a refrain that echoes in our heads from our childhoods, and one we now hear ourselves repeating to our children.  Why? Well, because we care about our children, of course. We would like you to consider the possibility that you are asking them to do something they physically cannot easily do when seated (or can’t for more than a moment or two).  Here are three solid reasons why children have so much trouble comfortably sitting straight:

  • Their legs dangle and this changes their centers of gravity, which pulls them forward (Exhibit A).
  • There is no support for the mid back and they keep falling forward until they are leaning on the desk or table for support.
  • Before you know it, it becomes habit.

These problems can be quickly and easily resolved, with no arguing!! (Exhibit B) The SeatGenie® for Your Home or Office supports her mid back.  A problem solved! This sitting problem is very important because it is the main precursor for standing in a stooped posture.  Correct the sitting position and resolve the standing posture before it becomes a problem.

These problems also happen in your car.  I mean, don’t you ever wonder why children fidget so much in a car?  One of the main reasons is because their little bodies are unconsciously looking for purchase (support = security).  They will keep on moving around until they find it (which may feel like never if you’re having to sit in the same car with them).  Saying “sit still!” doesn’t seem to work so well, does it?  This problem can also be easily solved.  Let me tell you the story of my 9-year-old granddaughter:

Exhibit AExhibit B

Exhibit A: Notice how the lack of support for her feet (she is crossing her ankles as her body instinctively seeks support) causes gravity to pull her forward. Note the need for support at her mid back.

Exhibit B: Notice the difference here. She has the a footstool to support her legs and the SeatGenie® for Your Home or Office to gently correct the back of her seat so her back is effortlessly upright.

Exhibit FExhibit G

Exhibit F: Before the SeatGenie® for the Car

Exhibit G: After the SeatGenie® for the Car

Day One (Without SeatGenie® for the Car):  We were on our way to Summer Day Camp and my granddaughter was fidgeting in her seat all the way to camp – tucking her legs up, then putting them down, squirming around – if you ever ridden in a car with a child, I’m sure you can relate.  I heard myself constantly saying, “Put your feet down,” and “Sit straight, honey.”

Day Two (With SeatGenie® for the Car):  As we were getting in the car I remembered that I had been testing the SeatGenie® in the passenger seat the night before and had forgotten to move it back to the driver’s seat.  My granddaughter was already settled in, so I left it over there.  Off we went to camp, talking away as usual.  About halfway there she turns to me and says, “I love my SeatGenie®.  It helps me sit straight and it’s so comfortable. And you know what else?” she continued, “I sit differently on my bottom with the SeatGenie®.” I smiled at her as we continued our drive, and we went on to talk about other things. After she got out, I thought for a few moments about what she had said, and realized that she had not fidgeted, squirmed, or attempted to tuck her feet under her during the whole drive. She sat there quietly, sitting straight with her legs not moving – and according to her, very comfortably.

It had not occurred to me until that moment that children could benefit also from the SeatGenie® for the Car.  My granddaughter now uses hers daily.

So many physical problems plaguing adults started when they where children.  If you start them sitting easily, comfortably and correctly when they are young, they will do it all their lives.  They won’t like how it feels to sit in a slumped manner (and you won’t have to say a thing!).
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